14 January 2006

Big doings in SBH

Two major events this week, not entirely unrelated.

1. Fish Faster, my trusty 30 foot Grady White, arrived via ship in St. Maarten, and yours truly, with a borrowed first mate, brought her through eight foot seas to SBH. Not scary, but lots of up and down, lots of seawater in the face. But the boat and crew are fine, and the captain may actually get to sleep tonite without worrying about all the damage that could have occurred during a ship voyage that was itself so rough, the arrival of the freighter in SMX was delayed six hours. You can be sure there is more to come on this subject.

2. The second major item to report is that at the fish market yesterday morning, Pinks overheard a conversation in broken French to the effect that our good friend Linda Fairstein was seen at a party with Matt Lauer. Pinks and I were really upset. How do we deal with this? What is our duty to Justin? On the trip over from SMX this afternoon, the eight foot seas were reminiscent of the sea conditions that forced us to abandon our trip to Linda and Justin's house this summer in Martha's Vineyard where we were to spend the weekend. Could Linda, with or without Justin, go to a party on OUR island and not give us a call? (Call? I want an invitation!)

You have probably figured out that the story has a happy ending or I would not have repeated it here. Some indirect probing has revealed that either Pinks' French needs a lot more work, or the fishermen should stick to their wahoos. Maybe both. The facts: There is no "party with Matt Lauer". Linda is scheduled to appear on Mardi (Tuesday for les Americaines) with Matt Lauer...on the Today Show to plug her new book Death Dance, which goes on sale the day of her appearance. I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but I am feel obliged to report somebody gets killed in this book, and neither Pinks nor I could figure out who the doer was till the denoument.

Gotta go. We are watching hour 13 of the first season of 24 tonite. Maybe we'll see hour 14 as well. Meanwhile, new season starts tomorrow, and I am taking a nap for sure on Sunday so I can stay up till 11 PM.

A bientot.

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