02 January 2006

I need to amend the earlier email. I called it Day 2 of my retirement. Not so. My retirement does not start until Jan 1, so to use the biblical example, the dec 30 report was really Day 2 BR, as in "Before Retirement." It follows then that this report is Day 1 BR. I realized this when, on 29 dec, I had to fill out the landing card for smx airport. Under "occupation", I hesitated, then wrote "lawyer." Still was then. Mind you, I will always, I hope, be a lawyer, but it will not be my occupation starting tomorrow.

The island continues to challenge me with crises: When I hear my beloved say, "Marty, I am not going to panic, but... " I panic. Happily, we then read the manual (Read the manual? Whoever did that before?) of the new 12,000 euro washing machine, and the problem was solved. The washing machine is way up there on the list of things most important to my ReasonForLiving. My RFL, btw, is now vacuuming the back seat of the new Jeep Wrangler because Franck sat on it three times and now it looks like Chrysler Corp has adopted Black Labrador Fur as a new interior decor option. Also, because I took the sides out and drive with the window open, there is a cloud of black fur that follows us when we drive. Unfortunately, the wind does not take it all off, and Franck adds it faster than we can remove it. If the enviro-cops get me, I'll have to sell the car and put Franck in a sealed environment.

Still busy running errands. One trip to the hardware store per day. That's my limit. I swear.

Gotta run now and pick up Rob and Sloane, who made the last-minute decision to break away and get down here. It would be nice if didn't rain for ten or fifteen minutes after they land. Of course, every rental car on the island is gone. I think they are in the holds of the yachts in the harbor. Lots of boats. Lots.

Doubless, when I really retire, I will be able to relax. Y'think?

a bientot

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