02 January 2006

Le regime nouveau

Okay, gang, here is the latest:

My Reason-for-living dared to suggest that maybe not EVERYONE was as interested in having their email inboxes cluttered with my hardware store adventures as I was in cluttering them. Sooo, here goes another great adventure in techno experiments. I read somewhere that one can create a blog in ten minutes. That's how simple it is. TEN MINUTES. I started two days ago and have been at it, I would say conservatively, about a total of eight hours, and counting. I have now succeeded in putting two previous emails in the blog, and will even try to get this one in, but its almost five pm, I need a drink cause the sun will not set unless I am on the deck with a scotch in hand, watching it dip below the horizon.

I owe it to society to be there, suitably equipped. After all, if the sun does not set, it means the earth is no longer spinning, and my conscience will not permit me to be responsible for that. If the world no longer spins, ya think the seasons won't change either? Can you imagine? You guys would be stuck in winter forever, while we here would be stuck with sun in the western sky, temperature at 76 degrees fahrenheit, mild breeze blowing.... you get the picture.

Okay, better get down there and crank up the ice gizmo on the front door of the refrigerator--its the English not the French who drink their whiskey at room temperature.

Will eat at Le Sapoltier tonite. I will even shave, that's how fancy it is. Maybe even wear a nice shirt with my shorts and sandals. Civilization.

Not that civilized, tho, cause the hardware store is still closed. Enough of this New Year's stuff. Let's get real.

Oi revoir. gotta go. Plse comment on the new format. After this, to read my stuff you gotta go to:

Not so hard. For the technically challenged, I think all you need to do is click on the above--or copy and paste it into your browser bar, then save it as a favorite, then check it every morning BEFORE you read the NYTimes. Yeah, right.

Frequently answered question: Of course you can still email me. How else will I hear from you? Email address remains: londonsbh@ wanadoo.fr/

A bientot.

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