22 February 2012

Contest! Prizes!


Exercising its newly won independence, the PTOM of St. Barthelemy has decided to adopt icons that reflect the island's  culture.  We already have a flag and an anthem, but we lack a real-time symbol --one that we see every day, one that will constantly remind us of how unique is our environment.  I have a suggestion: it is found all over the island, but needs a new name--one that brings to mind the romance, the sensuality, the natural beauty of this tropical paradise.  I snapped this picture of our omnipresent island symbol on my walk  this morning.  If the name you suggest is chosen, you win a prize.  

Send in your emails!  This is time-sensitive!

Now for the second contest, a different subject entirely.  A week ago, I wrote a letter to the New York Times.  Brief and to the point--as I was taught by the likes of my partners Sam Silverman, Jay Topkis, and Eddie Costikyan. Here is the letter: 

"To the Editor:
In his February 18 column, Ross Douthat writes Santorum agrees 'that artificial birth control should be legal and available.' But on its January 31 front page, the New York Times reported 'Rick Santorum ... favors allowing states to decide whether to ban birth control.'  Is the Times wrong or is Santorum, smelling the possibility of actually being the candidate, already flip-flopping leftward? In either event, shouldn't your readers be informed?"

The Times refuses to address the issue. So does Mr. Douthat. I have solicited the attention of current and former senior officers of the Times.  So far, no help.

A prize to the blogee that suggests the solution to my quandry. How does one get the New York Times, a/k/a, "The Newspaper of Record", "All The News That's Fit to Print" etc, etc, to deal with the contradictions in its newspaper?

While y'all are working that out, I am going into the pool.

A bientot.