08 March 2013


Even in Paradise we have rules.  Some of them promulgated by the French, others by Al Gore back when he invented the internet.  Some of the Gore rules have actually survived his sale of the internet to al Qaeda--principally the rules against email spam.  Hence the title of this note, lest it be rejected by the censors.

So here’s the subject of this short essay about life en Paradise:

The other day, while it was snowing in New York but not here, the Herzfelds, Pinks, and her sister Karen were all in the pool, leaning on the infinity edge, staring mindlessly out to sea.  The pose struck a chord and I asked them to stay exactly where they were but just hold hands while I snapped a photo. Am I the only one who saw something familiar?

Now, tell me please, doesn't that photo bring to mind this one?

Of course I immediately emailed my photo to a few friends, with the subject line reading: "GroupCialis".  Nobody got the joke because nobody got the email. Surprise, surprise, my emails were immediately directed to various spam filters.

Because the London pool bathers are a highly intellectual group, we thereafter descended into cocktail hour discussion of what the heck was the significance of the Cialis bathtub advertisements anyway.

Bathtubs (two yet) and sex? Huh?  One member of our group questioned whether the Cialis bathtub commercial meant to suggest "after" and not "before." Hmm. Another pointed out that the apparent lack of connecting plumbing suggested the water in those tubs had to be chilly and reminded us of George’s “shrinkage” issue.

(For readers who don’t get the Al Gore and Seinfeld references, I will consider issuing an explanatory appendix at a later time.)

Anyway, once I decided to write a note about my photo, I went to the web to find the original bathtub ad ( reproduced above) and stumbled upon an entire body of learned and not-so-learned discussion on the subject of this iconoclastic advertisement. Much of it is very funny but way too scatological for inclusion in this family newspaper.

But the best one is publishable, and I share it with you:


Does this capture the essence of St. Barths, or what?

A bientot.

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