03 May 2016

Barry Goldwater, father to Donald Trump?

This political season is driving me nuts. I cannot help but read every word of every news piece on the subject, and watch television programs I have not watched in years, and will not watch again after November 9, 2016 until January 2020.

I confess, I never learn anything very startling in all this attention to newspapers and tv. Nothing original. The media all sing the same tune: "Trump has no chance", then "the mood will change" and finally, ''oops, Trump will win the nomination.''  I did love the Mitt Romney attack speech.  Mitt Romney, leading with strength. Hah. What were they thinking?

The Trump candidacy produces inevitable references to the Goldwater-Johnson contest of 1964. I remember that race, remember the classic anti-Goldwater tv ad of the little girl counting down as she pulled petals from a daisy, and when she finished the countdown, a nuclear explosion filled the screen. One of the most powerful tv ads ever.

Last night, I saw another 1964 ad attacking Barry Goldwater that I do not remember seeing before. It gave me goosebumps because of its parallel to Donald Trump's candidacy today. Extraordinary.

In case you have not seen it, here it is:  Caveat: this in not a thirty-second ad, but runs for four minutes, so don't watch it on the fly. Save it for when you can savor it.


 My tech skills are improving. This time the link works. Guaranteed.

(Btw, the actor in the tv commercial is still around. Says every word is true--says he got paid, but insisted on saying only what he believed.) 

Fascinating stuff. Don't miss it.

A bientot.

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