15 May 2016

Vaginal Seclusion and the North Carolina Legislature

I wasn't sure whether to be amused or enraged by the WNYC discussion Friday morning of the brouhaha over the North Carolina "Bathroom Bill".

First, ya gotta give the bigots' public relations team a lot of credit for framing this as a "bathroom" issue.  That draws attention away from the hiding-in-plain-sight provision of the N.C. Republican-sponsored bill that rescinded the city of Charlotte ordinance banning discrimination against gays and lesbians. The left, the Dems, and the Obama administration have snapped up the poisoned bait and  engage on the bathroom issue while paying insufficient attention to the insidious real purpose of the legislation. The world is upside down.

Second, the defense of the Bathroom Bill advanced by the N.C. Republican Governor's flunky on the radio Friday morning was that the bill protects the "constitutional privacy rights" of the public, especially the "girls and boys in our schools." 

The good news is that the conservatives now are pledged to protect those ''constitutional privacy rights." I guess this means they will now abandon the notion of putting another "Scalia conservative" on the Supreme Court, given that it was Scalia's crabbed view that there is no constitutional right of privacy. That's why he labeled as "wrongly decided" the Supreme Court's privacy-based decision in Griswold, which overturned a Connecticut statute that criminalized the supplying of a contraceptive device to a married woman. He also railed against the privacy basis of Roe v Wade, the decision that held a woman's privacy interests shielded her from the government's interference with a her right to preserve her reproductive freedom by choosing safe early term abortion if that's what she wanted.   I mean if these right-wingers are really so concerned that no "boy" gets a glimpse of a school girl's vagina while she pees, they surely don't want some old white guys in the legislature to interfere with that girl's private decisions about what she wants to do with her vagina when she grows up, right? 

The Cruz crazies of the R party feed on get-out-the-vote issues like this.  Donald may even sense the opportunity and get on board. That would help shift the conversation away from his refusal to publish his tax returns. The Bathroom Bill is a perfect subject for vacuous snarky tweets. 

Forget about China, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hamas, the economy, etc,. Let's talk only about bathrooms.

On the other hand,  I hear that the fluke have arrived and are settling in on Montauk's south side. Can't wait to kill some.

A bientot.

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