16 February 2017

Fake News/Fake History, and World War i

Up until a year ago, I never really understood what started WW I.  I got it that the Archduke was shot, but it was never clear to me who he was, who shot him, and why, and how did that start the great conflict. Then I read "The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914," by historian Christopher Clark. Long book but immensely readable and scary to see how the links of the chain snapped together so quickly, and mindlessly.  The book was a NYTimes "Ten Best."  I heartily recommend it.

What is so frightening is that the spark was a generations-old Serb nationalistic mythology. Total "Fake News/Fake History," but truth was incapable of erasing or diluting it. The mythology was at the heart of the Serb assassination of the heir apparent to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The assassination quickly led to a local conflict, then all the NATO-like treaties on both sides kicked in, and tens of millions of people were killed. (Btw, the Serbs never abandoned their fake historical myth, and 100,000 people were killed, and some 10-20,000 women raped, in the Bosnian War the Serbs started in 1992.

The myth, illogical, factually indefensible, demonstrably false, endured.

Now read the below article from Salon, about the endurance of Trump's mythology, Trump's fake history, and the support of his followers despite all facts, logic, et al.

If you already have trouble sleeping, this may not be for you.