18 May 2017

Watergate Redux?

Nah. Not even the latest revelations of the Trumpian effort to obstruct justice will bring about impeachment hearings. No way. Paul Ryan leads a spineless, shameless group of self-involved hypocrites. There ain't a teaspoonful of genuine principle in the swamp that is the Republican caucus. The Founders' notions of democracy are forgotten. If you want to see what they stood for, go see Hamilton on Broadway. For sure, you ain't gonna see any of that in today's Republican-led Congress.  Fuhgeddiboudit.

And for certain, this is only the beginning. We are just scooping up stuff floating on the surface. There is a bottomless well of Trump's immorality. But no matter how bad it gets, this Congress will do nothing but mumble about "getting down to business," and then continue to hide under their desks. The Nunes scandal tells it all. There is NO honest effort to investigate anything. The Republicans have a 45 vote advantage in the House, and it takes only 35 of the 52 Republicans in the Senate to block an impeachment conviction. While the Republican House impeached Democratic President Clinton for lying about his sexual improprieties, this Republican House will not impeach Republican President Trump for his obstruction of justice, lying about that, giving vital intelligence to Russia, employing known security risks who were under Federal investigation (Flynn), etc., etc. The list goes on and on and for sure will get longer. This House will not even impeach Sessions for his role in firing Comey, after Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. How cynical can they get? Answer: there is no limit.

So what's the remedy? Can the newly appointed Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, indict Trump? Nope. Wanna know why?  See my piece on the Time website that just went up last night. Click on this. Buckle up!