08 June 2017

Hmm, Is Somebody Actually Listening to Me?

Just yesterday, I complained about the fact that articles I wrote to plug my book were ended up being published with a picture of Donald Trump as the lead. Okay, he is (still) the President, and all, but it was my article! Time.com was a two-time offender.

Then I was happy to see on the web last night that Richard Johnson's column in today's NY Post was a plug for my book. He wrote about the chapter in which I reported on my successful defense of a lawyer who was the target of a frivolous Trump RICO lawsuit. Once again, I was happy to see the mention, he spelled my name correctly, and the piece was reasonably accurate, but that article too was headed by Trump's punim. Sigh, better than nothing.
But when I saw the print newspaper this morning, my view of the Johnson piece changed for the better. Trump's picture was gone and replaced by this headline:                                                                                            
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Now that's more like it. L"artiste" est moi!

A bientot.

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