01 December 2017

Fantasy Land: Dreams of Glory

I have no inside info, but if you wanna know what COULD happen, let's assume:

1. Trump had instructed Flynn to lie to the FBI about speaking to Kislyak, 

2. Flynn, to avoid jail for himself and maybe his son too, spills those beans to Mueller,

4. Mueller not only believes it, he has some corroborating evidence it's true, and,

4. Kushner, the boy genius who urged Trump to fire Comey, (which, of course, begot Mueller) had actually encouraged his father-in-law to so instruct Flynn because it was Kushner who told Flynn to speak to Kislyak in the first place.

5. Result: Trump and Kush are in the shitter, and they negotiate a deal. Terms: Trump resigns, Kushner pleads nolo to a Logan Act violation and gets a suspended sentence, and they are each free thereafter to make bullshit statements that this is all a "deep state" lynching, blah, blah, blah. 

How many lawyers out there have experience negotiating a resignation plea deal for an Article II Officer? To accomplish this one, I would consider coming out of retirement, as long as it doesn't interfere with striped bass fishing

Have a nice day.

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